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What are Membrane Coating Systems?

The Membrane Coating System is an elastomeric system used to recoat aged EPDM rubber, PVC, TPO, or CSPE roofs. Upon inspection and determining the membrane is in good enough condition, the existing membrane is pressure washed and a tack coat is applied to prepare the surface for the application of the main coatings. Rapid Roof III® base coat is installed over all the seams embedding spunflex fabric into the wet film followed by applying 2nd coat of Rapid Roof III Base Coat over the fabric. The roof is completed with 2 coats of Rapid Roof III® Top coat. The top coat is white which will greatly reduce the temperature of the roof surface in the summer.

This system will help prevent further degradation of the existing membrane while also providing a watertight system.

Fabric Reinforced Ply Systems

A seamless membrane system consisting of Benchmark® or Rapid Roof III® fluid applied acrylic latex base coat with a fabric embedded into it and fluid applied acrylic latex top coat. Applications for this system include Smooth Built-Up Roofs, Modified bitumen, plywood, or concrete.