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8:16 PM - February 5th, 2015

Vice President

Pleasant Valley Trailers We recently built a new facility and brought in MEB to waterproof our office roof and also all of our ductwork going through the roof. Our heating company installed some crooked screws resulting in a water leak down through our ceiling, MEB came out the same day and fixed the problem that someone else had created. We experienced an exceptional level of quality service going above and beyond the terms of the contract. Thank you

Timothy J. Killian

12:07 PM - February 3rd, 2015

CEO--Killian Latex Inc.

Since 1992 MEB Systems has been our only roofing contractor and they have serviced all of our 60,000 square feet of flat roofs. On about 35% of our facility, MEB has installed new deck and roofing and on the remaining portion they were able to save our existing roofs with appropriate new roof systems overlays. As a family business, the Beachy family and their staff have approached the many roofing projects at our facility as if they were working on their own building. Every detail of the job is thoroughly completed on a timely basis. Quality and performance of their work has never been an issue. For these reasons, we will continue to use MEB for all of our roofing needs.

Chip Cropper

12:33 PM - January 29th, 2015

Quality and Professional Service

M.E.B. Systems replaced an original 12,000 square foot flat roof on Southeastern Equipment Co., Inc.'s North Canton, Ohio branch location in the winter of 2014 with a 60 mil PVC system. From the first meeting through completion, very impressed with the people and products. M.E.B. Systems performed a thorough and exhaustive inspection and provided a professional presentation of their recommendations. They were able to work around our schedule and complete the work in a timely manner while keeping our team informed of any issues discovered during the project. Completed on time and on budget. If I had to use just a few words – quality and professional would describe everyone that we came in contact with from M.E.B. Systems.

H.J. Painter

4:56 PM - January 27th, 2015

Reliable, Honest, & Skilled

M.E.B. is the most reliable, honest, hardworking and skilled roofing company we at Midwestern Industries have ever used , they have solved many roof problems for us! They put on our roofs and we forget about it !! We would never have any other company put a roof on any of our buildings, they are simply the best !! H.J. "Chip" Painter--President of Manufacturing and Sales--Midwestern Industries--Massillon, OH

Matt Erb

4:54 PM - January 27th, 2015

When quality counts

When quality counts M.E.B systems is someone we trust to do the job right! Matt Erb--Project Manager for Ellis Erb Inc.--Hartville, OH